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Month: January 2016

Moving To Victoria BC

Victoria BC


Moving to a new country is never an easy thing to do. This is especially true when you consider moving to somewhere that while still beautiful is worlds apart from what you are already used to.

This was certainly the case when our family decided to uproot from our beautiful home in Costa Rica and move to the west coast Canadian Island of Vancouver Island. Namely, the capital city of Vancouver Island Victoria BC.

Not only is Victoria BC the capital, epicenter, or cultural hub of all of Vancouver Island it is also the capital city of British Columbia and so it carries all the perks to go along with that including commerce, government, and Beautiful first world infrastructure.

Our dream had always been to set up a relocation agency for families looking to make similar moves to us and so we hired a local Victoria BC search engine optimization and Internet marketing agency who were able to help us create and set up our dream Company and the results were out of this world spectacular.

Vancouver Island, Canada

our new life on Vancouver Island has so far been absolutely fantastic. Our agency Costa Rica Vacation Home has take it off we are now serving clients are all over the world And helping them either make the move to or from the beautiful location South of the border – or should we say significantly south of the border ha ha.

Vancouver Island well beautiful does still present some challenges especially for us “Southerners” who are used to more temperate climates and a lot less rain.

Victoria, BC’s Capital City

victoria-bc-canadaOne thing we were warned about and we are sure to warn each and every single one of our clients about if they are considering a move to Victoria BC is that it does indeed get a significantly large amount of rain. We are not talking about small afternoon sunshowers here we are talking about weeks and weeks and months and months of torrential downpours. Victoria is after all located in a “rain forest” however so it’s not to be unexpected.

Fortunately with the number a lot in hand or a raincoat on your back you can take in all the beauty and wonder that this magnificent place has offer. Moving here has easily been the best decision of our entire lives.

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